Nurturing the brands of tomorrow


The founders of Worth Capital, plus a small network of associates, invest in strong founders that have created an innovative proposition based on unique market insight, where there is potential to build a loved brand.

Generally this is early-stage equity investment up to £400,000 and is only for businesses based in the UK.




We’re sector agnostic and invest in both consumer and B2B.

Whilst that makes the scope of our investing broad, there are some common elements. Each has created an innovative product, service or sales channel and is serving a markets that has room for new entrants. And each has the potential to create habitual consumption that is the foundation for a loved brand.

A note on technology: We’re not biased to any particularly technologies. We believe that technology is an enabler not the story. We see too many attractive tech solutions that are desperately in search of a problem to solve. We always value market insight and empathy over tech expertise. So don’t try to dazzle us with blockchain this or AI that, talk to us about your unique insight and the market opportunity you’ve uncovered, then how you are planning to tackle it.


Mostly we invest for equity in very early-stage businesses that qualify for the UK government’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Occasionally a business may enter our portfolio at the later Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) stage. It’s more unusual, but not out of the question, that we’d invest under a convertible note, or debt arrangement with some security provided.

Our deal size is generally up to £400,000, and very likely to be in tranches of smaller investments with which to experiment and gain confidence.

We can be a lead investor or follow another investor’s lead. Depending on what is helpful for the company, we may or may not suggest a board director.


We only invest in UK based businesses. This is the market that we most understand.

Although we are based in London, we like seeing opportunities outside of the London bubble. So far 65% of our investment cash has been placed outside of London & South East England.



Paul & Matthew occasionally turned up to the same course at university 30 years ago.
Having founded, developed, sold and invested in successful start-ups themselves, they understand what’s required to build a successful and sustainable business from the ground up.


During my career I’ve made myself lucky to work with, learn from and help the leadership teams of some of the largest businesses across the world. I grew up in retail – including senior roles in Kingfisher and John Lewis Department Stores. More recently I’ve been a Director of ?What If!, the global innovation consultancy (now part of Accenture), helping the leadership teams of some of the most recognisable companies across the globe including AB Inbev, Barclays Group and Tesco.

I still advise very large global businesses including IKEA, a major division of the Coca-Cola Company, Specsavers and Axel Springer (a major European media group).

My empathy with entrepreneurs comes from establishing, and then selling, a retail business and from making angel investments. I’ve had one very profitable large exit, some more frustrating minor ones and the failures, from which I’ve learnt the most.


Experience building my own businesses, has taught me that a successful entrepreneur doesn’t always need a great idea, but they will always need a thoughtful (and detailed) plan. Success will mostly come from two things. Firstly, the relentless discipline of reviewing and measuring progress against the plan. Secondly, employing a team who can deliver the many small actions to fulfil the bigger plan. Stirring in the other magic ingredients of natural flair, creativity and passion, and the entrepreneur will likely taste success.

I’ve always enjoyed taking pretty big calculated risks, so co-founding iD (a leading experiential marketing agency) straight out of university felt like a natural thing to do. Over the last thirty years, the success of iD has enabled me to have many other adventures in business. These have included creating a disruptive media business called Brandspace, which we built from scratch and sold to private equity in just 5 years. I am also an active start-up investor and have backed over 30 businesses across the media, medical and FMCG sectors.