Brothers Ed, Lawrence and Paul Bird have a strong conviction to do business in the right way. They created Bird to be purposeful and deliberate about design, materials and impact on the world around them. It is the UK’s first eyewear brand to achieve B Corp certification.

The proposition is simple, optical frames and sunglasses that are made well to last, from materials that are kind to the environment with a design that makes the product feel personal and in touch with the customer’s personality.

Deliberate design and mindful materials

Every frame is thoughtfully designed. At the core are classic wayfarer or aviator type styles, as few people want to be outlandish in their choice of eyewear. But at the same time, there are design flourishes that provide the ‘Birdness’ that gives each frame, and therefore its wearer a sense of individuality. For example, the Finch frame – with twelve different layers of bamboo, beech, sandalwood and two recycled aluminium layers; with the wood meaning that everyone is unique.

Materials are carefully sourced, as part of the style statement but also in keeping with Bird’s commitment to building their business in the right way. These include bio-based acetate and recycled aluminium frames; cork cases and even mailer bags made from sugarcane.

There is just as much happening backstage, creating an innovative operating model that delivers a competitive advantage. For example, a studio built on the mezzanine level of their fulfilment centre to enable rapid, regular, low cost & high-quality imagery, a driver of engagement & conversion on Instagram, Pinterest and in their popular newsletters.

As the business grew and relentlessly hit the milestones set, The Start-Up Series Fund followed up it’s initial investment with further funding in August 2019, November 2019 & April 2020 – to a total of £400k

B Corp

B Corp

The B stands for beneficial – and B Corp certification recognises for profit businesses that are committed, and back that commitment up with action, to leaving the world a better place than they found it and using business as a force for good.

Every pair of Birds gives back through their ‘Share Your Sun’ partnership with SolarAid. Helping to distribute solar light to families in Zambia and Malawi, replacing the use of fossil fuel burning lamps.

But achieving B Corp status takes much more than a headline partnership. The rigorous certification process explores every aspect of how a business is run – from the obvious like the sustainability of materials used and the workforce ethics within manufacturing partner facilities through to choices of governance, transparency and legal accountability.

Then each year the B Impact Assessment evaluates how Bird impacts employees, customers, community and the environment.

Growing impact

Deliberate design, mindful materials and purposeful packaging – the proposition is resonating with customers. Following investment from the Start-Up Series Fund, sale in 2020 grew 140 % from 2019. At the same time as strengthening the foundations for faster growth – including a new website, digital marketing, a try at home service and virtual try on. Ready for a strong 2021 summer for sunglasses and to support the optician’s sector as it bounces back from pandemic lockdowns.


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