Exciting partnership developments

Exciting partnership developments

We’ve been hanging out with our friend Shane Smith, CEO of Intelligent Crowd TV, quite a bit recently. He has been putting together an exciting new TV show where entrepreneurs pitch to a live and TV audience for seed investment and expert support. The first series is planned to air in early 2020. It hands the ‘Dragon’s Den’ investor role to the TV audience at home and gives them the chance to win equity in the winning businesses.

The show has the backing of the EIS Association. As well as funding some new British start-ups, the series is intended to educate and inform the wider public audience about early-stage/angel investing and the government backed SEIS/EIS incentives, which deliver highly attractive tax reliefs for investors. A cause that is dear to our hearts having benefited from these schemes for many years.

Our role will utilise our process and experience from the UK’s largest seed funding competition – The Start-Up Series – through which we have considered thousands of businesses. We will be sourcing, selecting and preparing the budding entrepreneurs from across the UK to take to the screen and wow the audience with their exciting business ideas.

We’re delighted that Intelligent Crowd TV have just completed a pre-seed funding round themselves recently, led by Dr. Abdullah Alaraj. He recognises the potential of this programmes to inspire entrepreneurship not just in the UK, but also potentially with a format that could be taken across the world.


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