Neptune Software’s ‘Experience Day’

Neptune Software’s ‘Experience Day’

Matthew Cushen was a guest speaker at Neptune Software’s ‘Experience Day’ yesterday. The day, for Neptune’s enterprise clients across retail, consumer products  & manufacturing was to exchange views about driving innovation across large enterprises.

Matthew spoke about his experience advising large clients such as IKEA, AB InBev and Tesco on innovation, compared to his experience helping the 22 start-ups across Worth Capital’s investment portfolio. He talked about how the constraints that small business have – little cash, limited time, narrow range of experiences or lack of market power – are actually liberating and give founders freedom to act compared to large enterprises that spend inordinate time juggling budges, navigating bureaucracy and scared of risking their brand equity rather than getting stuff done.

So his advice to companies looking enviously at the speed and agility of entrepreneurs, was to avoid adding more resource, process and structures but instead look for ways to ensure that their teams are left in no doubt as to the permission they have to behave like a founder – taking risks, experimenting quickly, occasionally failing but learning heaps.


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