Start-Up Series Celebration of Innovation 2020

Start-Up Series Celebration of Innovation 2020

Thanks to everyone that hung out with us last night at our Celebration of Innovation at the iconic Globe Theatre on London’s Southbank. We felt the huge energy created when clashing together talented entrepreneurs, strong propositions and impassioned investors.

For many of the group it started with the extra creative stimulus of a tour around the Globe, and a chance to reflect on how Shakespeare embodies many of the characteristic we look for in our entrepreneurs. He was relentlessly curious, a true innovator – on product as well as business model (such as his theatres), created several iconic and lasting brands (including his own), has been a marvellous export for UK plc and he wasn’t bad at articulating his point across!

Whilst in the Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare wrote “all that glisters is not gold”, and that is something we appreciate having scrutinised over 4,200 applicants to our competitions over the last few years, the gold was on show last night. Vitrue Health, Five Dot Botanics, Bedfolk and Weekly10 bought their products and services to life to showcase the kind of innovation that investors into the Start-up Series Fund are helping to create. Along with stories from others from the Worth Capital family that had travelled from across the UK – The Moving Home Warehouse, Itsy, Tradesmart (now Kanda) and Nix & Kix (who received investment outside of the Start-Up Series Fund) – they all illustrated the regional diversity and gender diversity that the Start-Up Series competition winners represent.

It was a chance for both Independent Financial Advisors, private investors and our partners to touch, feel and experience the propositions they have helped fund, to hear about how the businesses are growing, forming teams (49 new jobs created during 2019 from businesses in Worth Capital’s portfolio) and continuing to create new innovation.

With thanks from Hayley, Paul and Matthew

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