The Start-Up Series is designed to uncover new UK businesses with the brightest teams and the smartest ideas. Entrepreneurs compete for the chance of winning up to £150,000 in equity seed funding, from a total of £1.8 million expected to be invested across a year. The series is the largest, and likely to become the most talked about, start-up competition in Britain.

Launched in October 2016 in partnership with, we run a series of monthly competitions selecting one start-up business each month to qualify to receive, subject to contracts and terms, up to £150,000 of equity funding.

The Start-Up Series competition is open to entrepreneurs with ‘new products & services to buy and the ways we buy them’ – i.e. for real consumer businesses that have the potential to build significant brand awareness. Sectors include, but are not limited to:

food and drink products

products for the home

shops and online retail

hospitality – including hotels, bars and restaurants

leisure, sport and gaming

The initiative celebrates entrepreneurialism and the editorial coverage from helps educate new business owners whilst creating publicity and buzz for the winning businesses.

The competition format also produces the opportunity to invest in the winners. Sophisticated distillation and thorough due diligence will build confidence that the most talented teams with the most commercial ideas will win, building a carefully selected portfolio of UK start-ups.