Shane and Alex founded Vitrue Health in 2017. We met them in 2018 and were struck by the size of the market problem they were out to solve. Muskular-skeletal assessment had been left behind. Whilst digitisation and technology was rolling fast through healthcare, MSK assessments in-clinic were still being performed by eye alone, and then having to be written up by the clinician. Vitrue’s proposed technology used motion and depth sensors and clever software to produce a digital report, bringing precision and a big time saving to clinicians.

Upon receiving their investment in early 2019, the in-clinic technology was almost market-ready and there was an early but significant customer conversation going on.

Fast forward a couple of years

Two years is a long time in healthcare! Covid-19 put a temporary halt on the in-clinic system (now called EVVA). They moved quickly to divert the Vitrue engineering team to produce VIDA, a digital MSK desk assessment for remote workers using a worker’s computer camera and some beautifully intuitive software. Desk assessments are a legislative requirement in the UK, but is yet another area that has been left behind technologically.

As of today, Vitrue can now offer quantified MSK assessments from the workplace through to clinic. Both EVVA and VIDA are sold as SaaS with multinational customers including two major healthcare providers and a US car manufacturer.

What does the future hold?

What does the future hold?

There are two jobs in hand now. Firstly to continue to fill the hopper with customers, and secondly to continue to tune both products according to customer needs. Already there is engineering work underwear for an additional feature for EVVA, which will expand the clinic market substantially. A significant institutional funding round closes in July 2021, which will provide the firepower to substantially ramp up both the demand generation team and also the engineering resource.

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